Throwback Thursday: Misogyny in Advertising

Misogyny in advertising. Advertising is a reflection of the times. Sure, really good advertising can help propel a brand into taste - maker status where it can influence society's behavior, wants and needs-- but that is only when the product itself is relevant to society's wants and/or needs and answers the call for change. The advertising industry has, like the rest of America, evolved with socio-cultural changes and expectations to become significantly more thoughtful and inclusive. It would have to in order to sell and influence without marginalizing portions of our population that have so many choices and so many more very public ways to communicate opinions about brands. With that, the advertising industry itself has become more culturally diverse which has, of course, played a keen role in ensuring the ideas communicated are relevant to the audience. The industry doesn't tell the public what to think or do so much as it tries to win favor and persuade. So, let this post below be a reminder how far we've come and a call to continue eradicating misogyny and abuse where it hides-- even in plain sight: the host of America's number one morning show, a well-loved comedian, a media mogul, a Silicon Valley CEO, a television journalist, and more.